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Hazelnut Chocolate Brownie -  Gluten & Dairy Free Option

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The NutHouse Hazelnut Chocolate Brownie combines Hazelnut Flour along with Hazelnuts and the finest quality Cocoa to produce an excellent moist fudge texture and special taste sensation. 

             Hazelnut Chocolate Brownie can be served in numerous ways;


Enjoy simply sprinkled with icing sugar or drizzled with white chocolate. 

Served warmed as a dessert with Chocolate Ganache & Hazelnut pieces.  Equally delicious with Berries and icecream or natural yoghurt.   See recipe ideas below.



 Gluten Free Premix - ORDER HERE

(This product is currently out of stock.)

Hazelnut Chocolate Brownie Premix requires the addition of your own eggs and butter with simple baking instructions provided.     Gluten Free Brownie is perfect for serving to all the family or your guests without catering seperately for the Gluten intolerant.   Dairy Free Option requires substituting full butter quantity for Olivani.   

Premix Requirements for 645gm Family Pack:   3 eggs and 190gms butter   (or Olivani)  Bakes well into lined 20cm cake tin.

Premix Requirements for 860gm Caterers Pack:   4 eggs and 250gms butter (or Olivani) Bakes well into a lined 25cm slice tin.

Instructions:  Simply Melt Butter, add eggs and The NutHouse Premix.  Mix together well.  Bake in a lined tin for 25 minutes. 

The top should appear slightly crunchy.  If Replacing Butter for Olivani this does require slightly longer baking time.   The traditional Brownie is not iced so can be simply sprinkled with icing sugar and is ready to serve. This Brownie will keep in the fridge for several weeks, and the freezer for several months (only if hidden well out of sight!!!)
Store dry mix in a cool dry place. Premix product keeps well for up to 6 months.

Original Premix also available (contains Gluten) ORDER HERE




Recipe Ideas: 

Chocolate Ganache:

1 pkt dark chocolate melts
½ bottle cream
Gently melt together
and pour over Chocolate Brownie for a divine chocolate experience.