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Hazelnut flour

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100% pure ground hazelnuts are the ideal natural addition to any baking adding a sweet and subtle nut flavour to enhance your cooking.

This natural ingredient is produced from cold-pressed Hazelnuts following the removal of the oil.   It is the ideal flour substitute to all baked goods from breads and muffins to cakes and cookies.  

The Hazelnuts have been ground including their skin giving a rich dark colour and adding the extra benefit of the nutrition found in the skin.

Hazelnuts are proven to be high in protein, low in carbohydrates and a great source of dietry fibre.   

This is a valuable addition to the Gluten-free diet and it is packed with nutrition.

Hazelnut Flour is best kept in the fridge (keeps well for weeks), or the freezer (doesn't go solid so you can use the required quantity straight from the freezer.) 



Recommended uses:

Substitute 1/3 of the recommended flour quantity in your favourite recipe.

Baking powder should be added at the recommended rate used for standard flour requirement.

Generally this is 1tsp per cup hazelnut flour used.

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